Azure Quick Tip: Log into Azure from Powershell

If you don’t have Azure Powershell installed, here is how to do it:

From Powershell, enter Login-AzureRMAccount and hit Enter.

A Microsoft Azure login screen will pop up.

Log in with your Azure credentials. Now you’re ready to start working with Azure from the Powershell.


Microsoft Surface Go – One Year Update

Last year I purchased a Microsoft Surface Go and wrote this blog post. This is a quick one year review.

I use the Surface Go nearly daily and it performs like the day I bought it. Its been a reliable performer and the battery life is still excellent. I still really like it and recommend it all the time.

Anthology of Interest 1

A collection of links that I find interesting.


  • Windows Virtual Desktop: At #Ignite2019 in Orlando, Microsoft made several interesting announcement on Windows Virtual Desktop. Freek Berson has a great post breaking down the details here. If they keep it up, one of these days might finally be the year of the virtual desktop.
  • Azure Bastion: Channel 9 has a good intro to Bastion hosts in #Azure. If you’re not familiar with Azure Bastion, it is a managed service using Azure scale sets that essentially is a secure way to RDP or SSH via SSL to your VMs in Azure with no public exposure. This help avoid exposing your data directly to the public.



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