Using Azure Quickstart to Deploy the Zerto Cloud Appliance with VPN


While deploying the Zerto Cloud Appliance (ZCA) in Azure is straightforward, it does require that a Resource Group, networking, VPN and network security groups (NSGs) exist in Azure already.

In another blog post, I show you how to deploy the Zerto Cloud Appliance from the Azure Marketplace using an Azure Quickstart template. For you to be able to connect to the on-premises Zerto site, you will need a VPN in place.

In order to eliminate the separate VPN pre-requisite build step, we’ve now added a new Azure Quickstart template. This Quickstart template deploys the Resource Group, Network, NSGs, plus the VPN and the ZCA. How cool is that?

Deployment Prerequisites

    1. An Azure Subscription.
    2. An account in Azure that has owner permissions to the subscription and the ability to add web apps in Azure.
    3. An operational IPSec VPN endpoint on-premises
    4. The pre-shared key for the VPN
    5. The IP Address of the Local VPN Gateway
    6. The IP subnet of the Local VPN in CIDR format
    7. The IP Addressing for the private Azure network where the failed over VMs will run. A default of is available, but this can be changed to your specific network scheme.


  1. For complete prerequisite requirements, see the Zerto Virtual Replication for Azure Guidelines.

Installation Steps

  1. Go to:

2. Click on the “Zerto Cloud Appliance with Site-to-Site VPN Connection” template in the gallery, and it takes you to the details page of the Quickstart template.

3. Click “Deploy to Azure” 

4. This page provides a complete list of parameter definitions for the deployment in Azure.

5. Fill in Custom Deployment parameters page. Each setting has an information bubble that has a detailed explanation of what to enter in the field Many of the settings have default parameters filled in already.

6. Agree to the terms and conditions and click purchase.

7. The installation process takes about 30 minutes to deploy.

8. The deployment process is shown in the Azure portal.


  1. Once the deployment completes, the message “Deployment succeeded” has a link to the resource group.
  2. In the resource group, review all the Azure resources automatically created by the Quickstart template. If the VPN is online at the on-premises location, you should now have site-to-site connectivity. Try pinging from ZCA to ZVM, make sure your Windows firewall are properly configured for ICMP.

  1. The next step is to RDP to the Zerto Cloud Appliance by clicking on the Virtual Machine object in the Resource Group and complete the ZCA installation. For detailed steps on how to configure the ZCA, see this blog post with video steps: